8/2/2018 Jesse Hodson I believe Mario and Gloria are honest Christians, and they don't have what it takes to cheat people. I ___daily___recommend Marios to people coming to my location. ( honest), Jesse
7/30/2018 Yvette Zambrano Thank you as always for taking care of my car. I am always satisfied with the quality of work and great customer service.
7/29/2018 Celain Anthony Thanks so much for all you do
Thank you for being a loyal customer. - Mario’s Automotive
7/9/2018 Stella Silva Thank You! Excellent service. Very prompt service. Extremely satisfied.
Thank you! Great catching up with you. - Mario’s Automotive
7/2/2018 Philip Scarrell 5 Stars. Get business. Highest Quality Workmanship. Best Ever Customer Service. The family is special. My Hyundai Santa Fe was recently rear ended. I had used Mario's about 2 years ago for other work and went straight back to him. They quickly estimated the repair. Worked with the insurance company. Lined up all the parts. Got my car in and out as they promised, even though the insurance company was a problem. They work with me and them for quick resolution. They are great. Thank you very much.
Thank you for trusting Mario's Automotive. Give us a call if you need anything. - Mario’s Automotive
6/25/2018 Celain Anthony My 2012 Volcewagon jetta is in perfect condition because of your excellent service, thanks!
Always great seeing you. Thank you for being a great customer. Stay cool! - Mario’s Automotive
6/18/2018 Oscar Robles Good job like always
It was great seeing you. Go Astros ! - Mario’s Automotive
6/9/2018 Carmen Murillo Great customer service!! As soonest I arrived to the mechanic shop I didn’t even have to wait 5 minutes when they started working on my truck.
Thanks for trusting in Mario's Automotive. Enjoy your vacation with family. Call us if you need anything. - Mario’s Automotive
5/16/2018 Sylvia Brooks Excellent service.
Thank you for your review. Praying everything goes well. - Mario’s Automotive
4/24/2018 Melva Melchor I will continue to go back for service on any of the family vehicles
Thank you for your business. If you need anything give us a call. - Mario’s Automotive
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